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Structured wiring refers to a whole house wiring system meant to replace the wiring systems of old. Today, most consumers have strong fiber wiring networking needs relating to data transfer, computer systems, home security systems, remote controlled HVAC systems, and video entertainment capabilities. Fiber wiring systems are intended to meet these demands, efficiently streamlining and distributing a variety of data signals throughout your home.

Structured Wiring- A convergence point in your home for entertainment, communications and security

Avaton’s fiber wiring solutions will put your home or small office on the cutting edge of the information age. We will install one central convergence point for HDTV, whole house component audio, video, security camera, telephone and home computer networking to keep things efficient and connected.

Avaton Structured system for home

Benefits and Features

  • Coordinates all your home systems, allowing you to, for instance, play a DVD in one room and watch it from any TV in the house.
  • Place security cameras inside or out and monitor them from any home TV, computer or smartphone.
  • Distributing cable TV, Internet, telephone, and audio signals throughout the house not only offers convenience but gives you more centralized access to parental controls.
  • It makes automation technology possible, so you can operate various appliances from anywhere in the home and even remotely online.
  • Makes your home “future ready,” or better able to handle future technologies as they develop. Given this, it’s not surprising that structured wiring increases the value of your home.

Although structured wiring does require an initial investment, particularly if you’re rewiring an existing home, it offers much in terms of convenience, security, and comfort. And once your home is future ready, you’ll be free to enjoy all the wonders that technology has to offer.

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